Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide Service   

Guided Hunt Services


Transportation includes to and from the blind—all our hunters have to do is step out of the Ranger and sit down in the blind.  Only extreme circumstances would warrant the guided hunter having to walk and carry his/her gear to a hunting location.      

Calling & Decoy Placement

 Our guides are all skilled callers and experienced hunters who understand proper decoy placement.


Retrieving Downed Birds

At no point will a guided hunter be asked to retrieve a bird. Our guides normally hunt with retrievers, but should your hunt be "dogless," guides will provide bird pick up. Customers are encouraged to bring their own retrievers but arrangements need to be made ahead of time to do so.


Bird Processing

For an extra fee, birds can be cleaned and packaged to take home, or if the customer wants to process his/her own birds, a place will be provided to do so.

Duck Hunting Information

Arkansas Duck Hunting Season Dates

The 2018-19 season dates have been set

1st Season — Nov. 17-25
2nd Season — Dec. 6-23
3rd Season — Dec. 26-Jan. 27

Shooting Hours

Shooting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to sundown.

We typically hunt from shooting hours until we get a limit or noon.

Bag Limits

The following limits are set by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

No more than 6 ducks per day (per gun).
4 can be mallards (no more than 2 hens allowed)
3 wood ducks
2 redheads
1 black duck
1 pintail
1 canvasback
1 mottled duck
​3 scaup
For all other species of duck not listed 6 are allowed.

3 whitefronts (speckle belly)
2 Canada